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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - 35min gameplay demo

Can’t wait to play this! Close second to Dragon Age in terms of my fav fantasy games.


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Dragon Age Inquisition Demo Part 2 - Redcliffe Castle (x)

I’m super late with this but I kept hearing about this video at GaymerX over the weekend and it does not disappoint! Can’t get over how much nicer the combat looks but what really grabbed my attention was the awesome soundtrack they’re using, I’ve always felt that was a weak area for the DA series in the past (at least compared to Mass Effect) .  Also finally getting to hear Dorian’s voice clearly…  it’s so perfect.

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Meet Josephine!



The Inquisition’s power is not absolute: it must earn its place among the forces in conflict. Sister Leliana understands this well, and has called on an old friend, Lady Josephine Montilyet, to be the Inquisition’s ambassador in the halls of the influential. The eldest daughter of a noble…