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Couple of thoughts on the Inquisition Demo

Probably the best character creator I’ve ever seen,  though to be honest I thought the default starter faces were pretty ugly (especially the human males with their eyes being weirdly close together), also the hair textures are a bit weird looking, especially the darker shades. Luckily it looks like you can make them pretty good looking with tweaking.  Plus I like the idea that there really is no “default face” that everyone is going to play like in DA2 with Hawke or Sheploo in Mass Effect.

Also the Deep Roads finally looks like a well fleshed out lived in environment rather than a bland pattern of geometric hallways like in previous games.  Now you actually believe the Dwarves would want to live underground their entire lives :)

Oh and one more thing, I’m really digging the American female voice, thank goodness because I really didn’t want Samantha Traynor voicing my female Inquisitor playthrough.

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sassy-salarian asked: Are you romancing Dorian when you get DAI?

There’s probably a 90% chance I’ll romance Dorian on my first Inquisition run. On my first Mass Effect 3 run my gut was telling me to go for Kaidan but I went with Cortez as he’s more my “type.”  Obviously if you follow my blog though you can see I ended up preferring Kaidan’s romance so for Inquisition I’m gonna try to stick with my initial gut feeling. 

Also him being a mage from Tevinter just makes me a bit weak in the knees, everything about that country fascinates me.  Of course I’ve always liked magic and played mages in fantasy games.

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Passion on Mission by andrewartwork

This is a joined commission between me and aquamatey, I think the pairing always deserves more quality art and versatility so I’m happy we could make this one happen, the last commission I’m able to bring for some time.

Hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do.

Recent NSFW commission I did of Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans from Resident Evil 6.  Fun to do something other than a Bioware game for a change.