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Dragon Age Inquisition Demo Part 2 - Redcliffe Castle (x)

I’m super late with this but I kept hearing about this video at GaymerX over the weekend and it does not disappoint! Can’t get over how much nicer the combat looks but what really grabbed my attention was the awesome soundtrack they’re using, I’ve always felt that was a weak area for the DA series in the past (at least compared to Mass Effect) .  Also finally getting to hear Dorian’s voice clearly…  it’s so perfect.

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Meet Josephine!



The Inquisition’s power is not absolute: it must earn its place among the forces in conflict. Sister Leliana understands this well, and has called on an old friend, Lady Josephine Montilyet, to be the Inquisition’s ambassador in the halls of the influential. The eldest daughter of a noble…

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pensamitos asked: I appreciate your paintings ;-) do you agree Dorian looks a bit like dragon age version of Freddie Mercury? :D I haven't realized that before I read it somewhere :D will you draw Solas as well? I peronally like his character as I agree with some of his opinions. PS: I don't get those people who complain about your work - if they don't like what you paint they aren't forced to visit your page and complaining that you DIDN'T paint something is just absurd as it is only your choice not theirs

Freddy Mercury and Dorian have vastly different facial bone structures but the mustache and dark hair seem to be enough for people to make comparisons.  Although Mercury was ethnically Persian and Dorian looks as though he could also be so who knows maybe they did.  I just don’t get why people would view that possibility in a negative light, I mean Freddy Mercury was friggin awesome.  
I haven’t drawn Solas yet, the only DAI characters I have taken a stab at so far are Vivienne and Dorian, though I’m sure I’ll do more as I already feel more attached to the Inquisition cast than any of the previous games (which is saying a lot considering it’s not even out yet).

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themiscplace asked: How on earth are you able to draw so good??

I’ve been drawing on and off since 1993 (Jurrassic Park kicked off a fascination with Dinosaurs and I loved drawing them).  I also studied at SVA (the school of visual arts) in New York City for four years, senior year was when I started  really improving though and my mentor Donato Giancola (I sat in on his class for an additional year because I loved it so much) was very informative/helpful in my development as an artist. Here is a link to his website so you can check out his gallery if you’re interested.

He does a ton of cool fantasy/sci fi stuff, (lots of Lord of the Rings).

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hey-lauraa asked: You don't deserve the negativity you have recently received. No matter someone's opinion of you or bioware or whatever, though you've handled it very calmy. I applaud you. I send virtual internet cookies *hands plate of cookies*. I hope your day hasn't gone down the toilet. b-.-d

It just bothers me how people on here blindly accept accusations without bothering to do any follow up or rational thinking.  They’re like sheep and it’s really frightening at how easily people can be manipulated on a mass scale when you throw in a few trigger words like “racist, white, cis-male, sexist.” 

Luckily most of the people in the fandom aren’t as fanatical and I thank you for being one of them. 

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Anonymous asked: I always wondered why Andrew drew fuckin everyone for Mass Age and Dragon Effect except for Jacob. Seemed strange and racist.

I didn’t depict Ashley either because I don’t find either of them interesting characters.
As for specifically why I don’t like Jacob Tayler it’s because there’s really not much to him (his shadow broker dossier talks about how many crunches he does a day that’s how stale he is) and there are some pretty stereotypical tropes about black culture engrained in his story arc i.e.  daddy abandonment issues and leaving a romanced femshep to knock up another woman. 

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kurumayu replied to your post “but hey apparently andrewartwork thinks that people like me ruin…”

as soon as i saw that andrew dude drew a picture of dorian i just let out the most world weary sigh. more straight white cis gay dude bullshit for another queer moc

ugh i want to keep dorian as far from him as possible

dorian deserves better than people like him

So apparently I’m not allowed to draw Dorian Pavus because I’m white and identify as a gay male…

edit: oh wait turns out it’s actually because they believe I’m racist misogynist and trans phobic despite the fact that I’ve depicted plenty of female characters as well as characters of different races in my fanart. 
Of course there was that one time I dared to ask why femshep who’s a military figure be concerned with wearing excessive makeup (and even apologized when someone got offended), naturally that means I hate all women according to Tumblr logic.

They don’t even realize they’ve made a snap judgement about me based on the color of my skin/gender and I wont tolerate blatant defamation.

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[DRAGON AGE]: What can you tell us about Solas?

[PATRICK WEEKES]:He’s pretty straightforward, honestly. Just your average elven apostate who voluntarily joins the Inquisition in the middle of the mage rebellion to lend his expertise with the Fade.

[DA]: “Average,” huh?

[PW]: I like to keep it simple.

[DA]: There’s a lot of ground to cover with Solas, so let’s start with him as an apostate—meaning he practices magic outside the Circle of Magi. Did he escape with the rest of the rebel mages?

[PW]: Actually, he was never in one of the Circles to begin with.

[DA]: Interesting.

[PW]: Thedas is a pretty big place, and unless you go around burninating the peasants, you may never come to the attention of the templars.

[DA]: Without the Circle to provide training, how did he learn to control his power?

[PW]: Solas is largely self-taught; while he can comfortably defend himself, he cares more about exploring the Fade than he does about hurling fireballs.

[DA]: What makes the Fade so interesting?

[PW]: Okay, so, the Fade—bear with me, this gets a little weird—the Fade is the spirit side of the Dragon Age universe. It’s this incredible place full of dreams and memories, imprints left behind by powerful emotions or events in our world. Solas has trained himself to do something a lot like lucid-dreaming. He goes to ancient ruins where the Veil is thin, goes to sleep, and actually experiences the history of places no one else has seen in centuries.

[DA]: Is that sort of vision accurate?

[PW]: Absolutely not. It’s based off people’s memories, right? Ask ten different witnesses at a crime scene to describe what happened, and you’ll get all kinds of conflicting information. Solas knows that everything he sees in the Fade is subjective and imperfect. It’s like a gigantic Wikipedia entry full of “[citation needed]” notes, but still, Solas has found some amazing things.

[DA]: In past games, the Fade has been a dangerous place, full of demons.

[PW]: Yes. Most people in Thedas think of the Fade as demon-land… and Solas believes this is part of the problem. If you go into a realm that by its very naturereflects the thoughts and fears of living people, and if all you’re ever taught in the Chantry is that the Fade is this terrible place that wants to kill or possess you, then when you get there, of course it’s like that.

[DA]: Solas doesn’t fear the Fade?

[PW]: I’d say he respects it. It’s still dangerous, but because Solas found the Fade on his own, he went in without preconceptions, letting him explore the area and befriend spirits without the black-and-white mentality that holds back mages trained in the Circle. While everyone else guards themselves, assuming everything in the Fade is a threat, Solas will find a brilliant unimaginable light, smile delightedly, and move in for a closer look.

[DA]: Does that extensive knowledge aid him in combat?

[PW]: On the battlefield, Solas’s expertise with the Fade lets him manipulate magic in ways that would never occur to most mages.

Off the battlefield, when Solas sees a giant hole open up in the sky with demons pouring out of it, he knows that he can help where Circle mages cannot. As a result, although there is no guarantee they won’t locked him up as just another apostate, Solas comes voluntarily to the Inquisition.

[DA]: Did you find his character challenging to write?

[PW]: Writing Solas had its moments, yes. I personally love characters who are intelligent, characters who don’t necessarily breakthe universe they’re in, but who make players reexamine their own assumptions and look at that world in a new way. It’ll be interesting to see who thinks he’s fascinating and who thinks he’s out of his ever-Fade-loving mind.

[DA]: One would assume that opinions vary among his fellow companions as well.

[PW]:Absolutely. Vivienne is as loyal a Circle mage as you’ll find, so having this scruffy little hedge mage pop in and say, “You’re all close-minded, you should be making friends with spirits,” causes her to get icily disdainful as only Vivienne can. Solas and the Iron Bull also spar over Qunari beliefs, as Solas believes in freedom of thought more than anything else, and the Qunari tend to be pretty rigid there. On the other hand, Solas and Cole get along rather wonderfully.

[DA]: Because Cole is a spirit?

[PW]: Yes; Cole is trying to figure out what that means, and Solas can answer a lot of Cole’s questions. The two of them have fascinating talks about what it means to be a spirit, usually with the rest of the party watching the two with these narrow-eyed “What the what?” looks.

[DA]: In addition to dealing with the world’s perception of mages, he’s also elven. How does he deal with that much adversity?

[PW]:Honestly, Solas hates people who look at him and justsee an elf. He considers that kind of attitude part of the black-and-white dichotomy that has led to so much tragedy in theDragon Age world. Templars versus mages, demons versus spirits, elves versus humans… it’s more complicated than that. Come to think of it, “It’s more complicated than that,” may actually be Solas’s battle cry.

I find his face slightly terrifying, but in a cool, creepy way.  Kind of like a friendly looking Nosferatu

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borninorlais asked: I know right???!!! so excited for dorian

I’m in shock… (the good kind)