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Dragon Effect: The Wardens are coming! Javik and James

I realized that I haven’t actually made any grey wardens in my Dragon Effect lineup and that’s a serious oversight! (Shepard’s a rogue templar, though I guess he’d probably join the wardens eventually too)  Also I think Javik and James would be a funny pair to come across in game due to the banter between them in Mass Effect.

Javik:  I envision Javik as being one of the long lost, original founders of the Grey Wardens and through some form of sorcery (possibly Flemeth’s doing) being resurrected to join Shepard and crew against a forthcoming blight.   I referenced Duncan’s armor from Dragon Age origins and sort of merged it with Javik’s own armor like I did with some of the other characters.

James: So Cortez had a funny line in ME about James liking “grizzly bears” so I thought it’d be funny to model his look after this, with bear-like claws and animal fur incorporated into the armor.  The breastplate and warden insignia are existing DA materials that I referenced/borrowed.  As for his backstory James was a man whore at a brothel and Javik having been newly resurrected and somewhat confused as to his surroundings happened to stumble in and began demanding information, frightening the customers. James moved to kick him out and ended up getting into a scrap with Javik, Javik of course wins but sees potential in James and invites him to join the wardens, and voila, a hilariously awkward pairing.

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